The Violet Turaco, Musophaga violacea; with open wings the scarlet of the flight-feathers is striking. Not wholly dependent on climax forest but certainly typical of it – the reason the bird was chosen locally for the logo of Farasuto Forest Community Nature Reserve

How you can help Farasuto Forest Community Nature Reserve

Farasuto Nature Reserve is in its early stages – it is not even nationally designated as a Nature Reserve yet, though that process has begun. Other progress is outlined elsewhere on this web site.

If you are visiting the Gambia to spend time birding you might like to programme in a visit to the site, perhaps combining with for example the Bush Track not too far away – the local bird guides will suggest other good birding sites nearby. Do send us the species list for your visit.

If you a non-birding naturalist visiting the Gambia and have specialist knowledge of other groups, then a contribution of your time on the site could be even more rewarding and certainly appreciated. There are innumerable species waiting to be added to the list – plants, butterflies, beetles, snails – whatever you are interested in. Perhaps you have another speciality which could help us; maybe you know about digging wells and capping them with solar pumps, or you know about the dynamics of tropical forests systems and ways of extending them. If you do find anything or think you can help in some other way please let us know – Contact form.

If you would like to be kept informed of developments at Farasuto you could either keep an eye on this web site or in the future you can join the Farasuto Newsgroup – just let us have your email address to receive probably quarterly news updates.

Financial donations will certainly be welcomed in future but it is thought best to wait until the Farasuto Community Group has been registered with Charitable Status in the Gambia. If you have been to the Gambia before you will know how short the country is of basic resources and how welcome and significant even small contributions will be. Charitable Status will ensure the accounting and security of funds.

Donating binoculars

You could donate an old pair of binoculars to the Kuloro Bird Club for the use of the next generation of bird guides and wardens, the future stewards to Farasuto, or by visitors who arrive without any. Perhaps you have a pair that you no longer use. If you're visiting the Gamba, take them with you, otherwise you could send them direct to Farasuto Nature Reserve, PO Box PO Box 5121, Brikama, Western Region, The Gambia – air mail posting them to the Gambia might cost £5-£10 depending on their weight.

People supporting and making a difference by helping with their expertise to make Farasuto Forest Community Nature Reserve project a reality are listed here.